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Allotment Plan


The purchase price is € 175,- excluding VAT per m2 for sight locations and € 150,- excluding VAT per m2 for the other locations. The minimum decrease is 1 hectare.

In a Build to Suit realization, a turn-key price is offered including land and building. Depending on the land area and the building volume, a custom price for the land will be determined. If you only wish to buy land, you may find different selling conditions.

Flexible allotment options

For Business Park Nuenen, no final allotment plan has yet been established. Based on the zoning plan, it is possible to realize both the building and the infrastructure fully to the demands of the candidates. In this way it is possible to create large or special lots. In order to give an impression of the opportunities for allotment options, an example of an allotment plan has been prepared (see above). The plots are easy to merge and divide, so the allotment plan is only an impressionable concept. As an indication, plots on the concept of the allotment plan have the following acreages:

Lot number Surface (m2)
1 12500
2 13700
3 13600
4 19500
5 24000
6 14600
7 11900
8 11900
9 13400
10 41500
11 10600
12 11900
13 11900
14 11700
15 39400
16 11500
17 12700
18 14100

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